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Welcome To The EZStream Resource Center

The EZStream Resource Center is here to help you, plain and simple.

In the Resource Center, you should find all the information you need to answer questions and make your webcasting a success. If there is something missing that you need, please contact us and we will try our best to supply the answers.

EZStream Version 5.2.1  A new major release (Version 5.2.1) of the streamer is now available. This release is well tested and contains some key new features plus bug fixes. Feel free to download it and start using it immediately. As with all new software, please make sure you test well before going live. Read More...

Version 5.1 Bug Fixes  There are two errors that have been hanging around since EZStream 5 was first released. They exist in all versions of "EZStream 5" up to and including version 5.1.1. Read More...

EZStream 'How To' Guides  
By EZStream Support We have started putting together some "How To" guides for our offerings. We will try to keeping adding new guides in the coming days. We chose to use PDFs so that users can print them out and use them as a reference when working on their broadcasts. Read More...

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